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  • We perform for 30-35 minutes, from our experience we find 6 songs are perfect for the surprise keeping the audience fully engaged. We are extremely proud of the standing ovations we achieve from this.


  • We spend at least two hours before we sing as waiters connecting with the guests to ensure the surprise is both funny and personal. For the surprise singing waiters the guests will have got to know us as waiters and at an agreed time normally after a speech/main course, we gatecrash the event and break into song. It's so much fun and the look on the guests faces is priceless!!.

  • We only use west-end trained performers who have attended the top drama schools in the country and have worked extensively in the industry. 

  • We make it personal, working with you to ensure it's perfect for you and your guests. We discuss the song choices with you to ensure it fits your tastes.


  • We liaise with the venue and all relevant staff to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.




Q and A below - About us and how we started

Hi Neil, can you elaborate on your musical background?

I went to Mountview in North London to study Musical Theatre, it is one of the best drama schools in the UK which focuses on Singing, Acting and Dance (Jazz, Tap and Ballet). I made lots of friends at Mountview including Kilke Van Buren who also performs with us. It not only taught us the skill of performance and acting but also the amount of purposeful practice and preparation which goes into a performance. Its amazing the amount of hours needed to perfect a song/performance.


How would you describe your singing style?

Its musical theatre, but we also have strong pop/rock voices. At drama school we are taught different styles of singing, from Operatic to Modern/Pop styles so we can adapt to different songs depending on the bride and grooms preferences. Different performers have different strengths so I would look to Joni and Cassandra if we were booked with an operatic preference as they are both amazing opera singers.


Have any of you been in any well known productions?

On leaving drama school I performed in “Crazy for You” at the Palladium in London and then soon after was part of “Singing in the Rain” and then Sondheims “Assassins” at the Union theatre in London. I have also been in Mamma Mia playing one of the dads "Bill". "My first lead role in the West End was playing Gaspard in “A Tale of Two Cities” at the Charing Cross theatre. Cassandra performed in a tour of “A Sound of Music”. Matt performed in Bill Kenwrights tour of “Jekyll and Hyde”. Craig was a finalist for Channel 4s musical theatre talent search “Musicality”. Joni performed as Dorothy in the UK tour of “The Land of Oz”.


What prompted you to start your own special brand of singing waiters?

Matt, Craig, Mark and I were performing in “A Tale of Two Cities” in the West End of London and a friend of a colleague of ours was getting married. She asked whether we would sing at her wedding and after discussions, we suggested the option of surprising her guests and the Groom! We all decided to perform as a surprise after the speeches (one minute we were serving coffee and the next we were performing for 140 guests in 4 part harmony!). It went down extremely well and the reaction from all of the guests was fantastic, so we came up with the idea of the West End Singing Waiters. We have now performed many times surprising guests (with a 100% standing ovation rate) with the same reaction – and we all love doing it.


Terms and Conditions


  • We ask for 40% deposit upon confirmation - this is nonrefundable if the event is cancelled 14 days after paying the deposit. Within 14 days of paying the deposit if the event is cancelled we will refund 50% of the paid deposit. The remaining balance is due one month before the event date.

  • We ask to be supplied with the venue's details so we can touch base and liaise with them directly. We have full PAT testing on our equipment and public liability insurance which we will share with the venue.

  • All of our singers are happy if they can be fed - this is not a requirement but they appreciate it if possible.




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Since 2012 - over 550 events

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